Lovely Soul Days

Music and art i've stumbled upon

Amazing voice, harmonies and energy.
So in love with Moses Sumney.

Sex On Toast - ‘Hold My Love’
Sometimes i come to the realisation that i’m taking music too seriously.
Then a group like Sex On Toast comes along - and everything. Is. Perfect.
Killer live performance that makes the people who ‘don’t dance’ boogie their lil’ tooshes off, super tight licks, amazing chilled out feels that are FUN.
We need more of these guys.

An awesome depiction of the longing for absolute intimacy. Beautiful.

Boy Red


Absolutely heartbreakingly gorgeous.

The end of my previous band’s EP.
The perfect way to leave the album - Dana’s lyrics melt my soul.

Go to sleep to this, wake up to this, chill your day with it.
Can’t get it out of my head…

Olden day Bad Boy Bubby…

Olden day Bad Boy Bubby…

Met Natalie Pa’apa’a the other day when she came into my work.
Didn’t have the gear she wanted, but it was refreshing to see someone who i had only ever known to be powerfully strutting her stuff onstage, confidently sending her solid messages - now modestly asking about my own endeavours, my own music, and generally being a quiet, chilled out soul. Reminds me that people i look up to are real people…

Brought back the good ole’ days when i would listen to Blue King Brown every day. The grooves of good people never leave you…

A woman of raw energy - complete conviction - absolute POWER!Jehnny Beth - Lead singer of Savages.Listen, watch, enthral yourself.

A woman of raw energy - complete conviction - absolute POWER!

Jehnny Beth - Lead singer of Savages.

Listen, watch, enthral yourself.